History of New Faces Travel



I was born in the Caucasus Mountain region of Turkey in the city of Kars, which is the subject to the Noble Prize winning book, “Snow” written by Orhan Pamuk. Being almost 10,000 feet high above sea level, the territory is covered with heavy snow for more than half of the year. Deserted churches, cathedrals and ancient buildings of Ani, renowned for its splendor and magnificence in history, were our only indoor playgrounds.

I was always fascinated by the fantastic frescoes inside while walking amongst the ruins of the ancient city of Ani and deeply interested to learn more about the ghost city and the alien looking pictures inside the churches from my window as a child. When my deep interest and passion for history at an early age was noticed, my teachers encouraged me to pursue my studies, concentrating on social arts, which resulted in my study of literature and archaeology. Destiny has it, I ended up pursuing a profession leading “behind the scenes” tours and guiding travelers. I have led and lectured more than one hundred and fifty alumni or museum groups from USA for 15 years. I have traveled almost every inch of my home country and consider myself fortunate to be born in the same land as Homer, Herodotus, Strabo, St. Paul, and Rumi. After the tragedy of September 11th, the company that employed me for 15 years closed. Several non-profit organizations, museums and alumni travel offices encouraged me to remain in the field, sharing my knowledge, expertise, and excellent service skills with those who visit my beloved country.

In February 2002, I took over New Faces Travel, originally founded in 1996 which had an excellent reputation and credibility. Shortly after I took over the company, I re-structured it and gathered the most passionate and dedicated team with whom I had the pleasure of working together over the years. They had a perfect understanding combined with creative skills to serve the high-end clientele. I will always be thankful to everyone who encouraged, helped and paved the road to where we stand today as New Faces Travel.

The new structure, the experienced team and the more up to date philosophy created a superb synergy, which allowed New Faces being/becoming one of the leading tour operators in the high-end market. Our carefully designed innovative programs include access to the private properties of widely known important personalities or institutions, sites of new discoveries which are not open for public visits, accessing after hours openings to avoid the crowds at the highlight museums, lectures, contact with the locals in non-commercial, non-touristy atmosphere. In addition to custom individual and group travel, New Faces Travel also offers imaginative and creative incentives, whether as part of a cruise package or a stand-alone program.

We thank you and look forward to serving you or your guests for the most profound Turkey touring experience with style.

Yasar Karadag

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