Cultural Tours

Asia Minor has given rise to many civilizations in the course of history. Because of its geographical location, the mainland of Anatolia has always found favor throughout history and is the birthplace of many great civilizations. It has also been prominent as a center of commerce because of its land connections to three continents and the seas surrounding it on three sides. Asia Minor sits on a rich history: from the Hittites who founded a federative feudal state, and during their final two centuries constituted one of the two super powers of the age to the natural philosophers of the sixth and seventh centuries who investigated natural phenomena in a free spirit and helped to develop the most advanced cities of their time.

From Romans to Byzantine, from Ottoman to a secular and a more westernized state, Turkey is a perfect destination in search of seventeen different layers of major civilizations. NEW FACES TRAVEL invites you to explore the irresistible beauties and historical Treasures of Turkey that represents a profound cultural mixture and a synthesis of east and west.

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