About Us

History of New Faces Travel

I was born in the Caucasus Mountain region of Turkey in the city of Kars, which is subject to the Noble Prize winning book, “Snow” written by Orhan Pamuk. Being almost 10,000 feet high above sea level, the territory is covered with heavy snow for more than half of the year. Deserted churches, cathedrals and ancient buildings of Ani, renowned for its splendor and magnificence in history, were our only indoor playgrounds.


Why New Faces Travel?

New Faces Travel was initially founded to take the extra mile in organizing and executing tours for the most profound and well-traveled guests within Turkey, which we have extended to the neighboring countries such as Georgia, Armenia and Bulgaria. We have been serving as ground operators in Turkey either for the world’s most respected companies, organizations and small cruise ships at every port of call with behind the scenes tours including all of their pre and post tours or our repeat guests who returns for more along with a lot of word of mouth business.



In every tour that we have conducted over the years, we have always felt responsible for each and every value of this country and its people that we represent. We have felt responsible for the cultures, history; past and present of Turkey that we have shared with our esteemed guests.


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