Luxury Gulet Cruising

Sailing Along the Ancient Coast of Turkey is an experience of the history of man from the perspective of the sea. You are invited to walk the same paths as ancient gods of the cities witnessing the most hidden harbors which cannot be reached by land; to enjoy the waters that Cleopatra once bathed in; to bask under the sun that once warmed the citizens of a now sunken city; to experience the Turkish culinary delights prepared just for you on board. As in ancient times, eye-witness and experience the most preferred way to travel and explore the most inaccessible land by sea.

For these custom made itineraries, we have chartered the most comfortable gullets and with favorable winds, you will experience the romance and thrill of sailing in the route of ancient travelers. Gulets are typical wooden sailing boats, built in the shipyards of the southwestern coast of Turkey. Wide bottomed and broad beamed, with superior seagoing facilities, the gullets typically feature one or two masts with sails. The smaller size of the gullet with generally 6 to 8 cabins permits an intimate experience aboard, as well as ashore, while visiting the hidden harbors and antiquities.

Please click on one of the following tours for detailed itineraries and contact us for more information about our tours which includes special behind scenes visits.

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