Excellence in Small Ship Experiences

Turkey is a fascinating country surrounded by water on three sides. There are so many beautiful small ports with ancient ruins scattered along the shores of Turkey and they are not accessible either by land or by large cruise ships, due to their colossal size. After Mr. Karadag took over the company, he insisted focusing on small ship experiences to weave his knowledge and expertise in designing new itineraries with new, out of the ordinary experiences to the hidden harbors of Turkey, which could match the experiences and the expectations that the guests have on small ships verses the large vessels.

As a pioneer who has traveled to each and every port in the Black Sea over 25 years ago, one of his dreams was to introduce this unknown, rarely traveled part of the world to the industry which had not been completely sailed since the time of Jason and the Argonauts and had not been offered or considered as a destination yet. Another focus of New Faces Travel was to include and introduce many other ports, with new stops along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, which played a vital role in the Greco-Roman or Biblical history of Asia Minor and are only accessed by small ships and are totally off the list of the large passenger ships.

Today, New Faces Travel is proud to be the most dominant company in Turkey, specializing in serving small ship experiences with tailor made tours and authentic experiences for each guest or company that we host in Turkey. New Faces Travel operates also as general ship’s agents for every port in the Black Sea from Georgia all the way to include Antioch in the Mediterranean. Being a specialist in small ship touring, the flavor, variety, pace and depth of our tours are considerably different than those offered in the market. Please contact us to help and design a special experience ashore for you to match the quality of your on board experiences.

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