Turkey is famous for its thermal springs with different flows, temperature and chemical compositions numbering more than a thousand and have been in use since the Roman times. The Romans discovered the therapeutic powers of Turkey’s many thermal springs with mineral waters to cure many illnesses. They built health centers, baths and cities in areas with hot mineral waters. The Byzantines considered themselves as the cultural and political successors of the Roman Empire and public baths were essential features of the community. The Ottomans continued the aqua culture, which became an important part of the Ottoman social life and culture. They built countless number of baths, which were not only centers for cleaning but also for socialization in Ottoman culture. With one of the best climates in the world, unique nature and the healthiest of diets, Turkey is an ideal destination for psychological and physical rejuvenation. We have designed special itineraries with the most authentic experiences for those seeking relaxation while enjoying the country’s diverse cultures.

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