The Gallipoli Peninsula, located between the Aegean Sea and the Straits of Dardanelles on the Thracian part of Turkey, witnessed one of the most tragic battles of the entire history where half a million innocents lost their lives. Visiting the battlefields, graveyards and monuments located on the Gallipoli Peninsula is a truly moving, life changing and rewarding experience for everyone. This serene site of the Gallipoli Campaign marks a defining moment in Australian, New Zealand and Turkish history, which paved the road to the miracle that was ANZAC. The entire peninsula is protected and declared as a “Peace Park” by the Turkish State where we will hear endless stories of heroism and camaraderie.

We have designed this special tour to examine the main aspects of the Gallipoli War conditions and visit the trenches, monuments, landing grounds and cemeteries while enjoying the scenic beauty of the peninsula as a monument of a very tragic past. You can visit Gallipoli Peninsula as a single destination or can extend your tour to include the sites and fields of the legendary ancient battles that took place in western Asia Minor and learn more about the richness of the history of Ancient Turkey.

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